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Life at our agency

Life at our agency centers around several core values—simple in concept, but essential in practice. We believe that the personal success of our employees enables the sustainable development of our company.

Here at INEAT, initiative, availability, and discussion comprise the foundation of our personal and professional relations.

At INEAT, we foster an open and human-oriented company culture. For us, this is key in maintaining constant positive connection between all the members of our team.

Our developmental approach is based on the following :

  • Think-tank
    • Capitalize on our experience in order to develop business expertise and create tailored offers.
    • Stay up to date with current technology so that we can provide our clients with as much knowledge as possible about the solutions they will adopt.
  • A place for discussion
    • At our company, work is based on the sharing and discussion that takes place between employees.
    • Encouraging such sharing of knowledge and experience helps to ensure that expertise is spread throughout the company.
  • Customized training

    We have a progressive training policy in place, which stems from our desire to develop a strong individual and collective ability. We want to make sure we’re prepared to face an ever-changing market and acquire the diverse skillsets needed to do so.

Your carreer

Recruitment process

The recruitment process takes place in three parts: an HR interview with a recruiter, an operational interview with one of our experts, and a final interview with management. We do what we can to optimize the recruitment process, with the aim of completing it in under three weeks, depending on the availability of the different people involved.

What’s it like to work for INEAT?

Being an INEAT team member means working at a unique digital company where everyone’s ideas are heard and everyone’s contribution rewarded. A spirit of dialogue emboldens each individual to participate in the company’s decision-making process and therefore feel truly involved. Working at INEAT also means joining the workforce of a committed company where diversity is regarded as an asset and a key advantage for the future.

Your support

We pride ourselves on the career support that we provide our employees. We are attentive to your wishes for both personal and professional growth. We regularly follow up on those wishes and support our staff, particularly those involved in our business lines (consulting, project management, development, architecture, and infrastructure).

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Above all, INEAT is looking for passionate people. The most important factors for us in determining your fit within our organization are: personality, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, and sense of dedication!